Our Cruising  Ship Amorella  got  some electric failure , black out, so that it was not possible to steer it. But because the ship was just passing  aan utterly narrow line between rocky areas with underwater  stones also,  and many  mini-islands, the  speed was very slow.   The anchor was readily set, because there is   deep streams  between the islands,   although there was not- Thank God, any curent  storm for moment  intervacting  to  the position of  the ship.  Of cause there were  “land  in sight over all”  as somebody said.  There are  very many small  islands, and as everybody know   After the Icetime, the  earth In Finland  is still rising from the sea, so that the islands are getting larger,  and rising from the sea   have changing features  when some  tens of years have passed.

In some places  the route of the ship is  as narrow as  a highway  file  to  a car.  Such kind of a situation   does not tolerate any blackouts in the  steering system, really. But now the ship is  already in  Mariehamn, safely,  with help of two piloting ships.

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